Passing Over The Overpass

I was walking home from Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center when I took his shot. I had my camera with me because I was shooting photos for Fax Expo at the convention center. This street crosses over I-30 which runs along the south side of Downtown Dallas.
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FBM4 is photo and video content project I created several ago. My enthusiasm and love for both medias has been with me since my teens.


I’ve been into digital photography since 1998 and specialize in a variety of subjects including models and fashion, landscapes, live performances, technology, and much more.


I’ve been into video/film since 1999 and have since worked on shoots for Samsung, Intuit, Ferrari, NEC, and more. I often team up with Yes Go Productions on large commercial projects.


I use Canon and Blackmagic Design cameras as well as produce motion graphics, edit, engineer audio, produce original music and other various video and photo production work.